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19mm Cherry Veneered MDF

  • Material: Wood Face – MDF Core
  • Finish: Veneered
  • Thicknesses: 19mm
  • Maximum Size: 2420mm × 1200mm
  • Minimum Size: 50mm × 50mm
  • Fire Rating: Euroclass D
  • Moisture Content: 5–9%
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Technical Drawing
    In Stock
    From: £1.50

    19mm Cherry Veneered MDF

    In Stock
    From: £1.50

    Cherry Veneered MDF Sheet Cut to Size Details

     Our Cherry Veneered MDF sheets are highly adaptable and perfect for various applications. They provide the structural integrity of MDF, while the Cherry veneer adds a touch of elegance and sophistication. The result is a versatile 19mm Cherry Veneered MDF sheet that combines the strength and durability of 18mm MDF boards with the appealing look of traditional wood.

    Adaptable Cherry Veneer MDF sheets

    Each sheet is meticulously crafted with a 0.5 mm thick layer of high-quality real Cherry wood on both sides. This ensures a consistent and luxurious appearance. Choose our Cherry Veneered MDF sheets for a reliable, durable, and beautiful wood solution.

    You have the option to purchase our Cherry Veneer MDF with exposed edges or with a matching edge strip. This allows for a seamless, ready-to-fit finish.

    Personalised Cherry Veneered MDF

    We offer a variety of options for our cherry veneered MDF boards. Whether you need full-sized panels, cut to size pieces, or specific shapes, we have you covered. Additionally, we provide bespoke options; you can send us a drawing or template to [email protected] and receive a personalised quote.

    What sets our cherry wood sheets apart is the ability to choose the wood grain direction, unlike with plywood, allowing for maximum customization that suits your project. 19mm cherry veneered MDF can be easily stained and painted with appropriate paints and stains, giving you the desired finish effortlessly.

    Delivery of Cherry Veneered Boards

    Cherry veneered boards are available in a 19mm thickness and can be cut to a maximum sheet size of 2440mm by 1220mm. We utilize modern and precise cutting equipment such as CNC, laser, and routing tools to ensure accuracy.

    When it comes to delivery, we offer great services and allow you to choose the timeframe that works best for you. If you order large quantities of 19mm veneered MDF sheeting, you may also benefit from discounts and special offers.

    For all your cherry veneer MDF needs, trust to deliver quality products with customizable options and efficient delivery services.

    Alternatives to Cherry Veneer MDF sheeting

    If you're in need of a material that offers both strength and a beautiful wood finish, the 19mm Cherry Veneered MDF sheet is the perfect choice. However, if you prefer a durable laminate option, we suggest considering White Melamine MDF.

    For those seeking wood sheets with a visible grain that closely resembles real wood, plywood such as softwood or hardwood is a great alternative to veneered MDF.

    Additionally, we offer a variety of specialized MDF sheets. Our Moisture Resistant MDF is ideal for indoor conditions that are exposed to moisture, while our 12mm Fire Retardant MDF can help to slow down the spread of fire.

    If you enjoy tinkering or DIY projects, our Standard MDF cut to size is a great option. It can be easily modified to fit your needs and is available in various thicknesses.

    Benefits of Cut to Size Cherry Veneered MDF Panels

    The veneered sheet offers an attractive grain finish that is aesthetically pleasing, having the appearance of real wood. The made to measure Cherry board has a beautiful and warm, reddish-pink colour bound to attract the eye.

    Cut to size 19mm Ash MDF is easy to screw and does not bend or crack, provided a sufficient distance from the edge is chosen, and appropriate pilot holes are drilled beforehand. You can also use wood glues to join your Cherry veneered wood sheeting together.

    Our cut to size Veneered MDF sheeting has a Fire Rating compliant with Euroclass D. When purchasing our MDF boards, rest assured that they come from sustainable sources. You can enjoy an affordable and reliable wood product, all while knowing that its production had no negative impact on the environment.

    Uses of Cut to Size Cherry Veneer MDF sheets

    19mm Cherry Veneered MDF is an ideal solution for elegant indoor purposes, as it’s lightweight and easy to cut and machine, lending itself to a variety of DIY and professional applications. Creating shapes, cut-outs, and intricate projects is a breeze with this versatile Cherry Veneered MDF sheeting.

    A stunning, cut to size cherry veneered sheet will add a touch of luxury to your home or flat and can be used for DIY furniture, such as desks and tables or beautiful shelves, bookcases and displays for your cherished possessions.

    Cut to size 19mm Cherry MDF is graded for interior applications and exceptionally versatile, so you can also use it for architectural mouldings and interior decoration where it astonishes with its pristine, high-quality look. The beautiful, real wood veneer covering the strong MDF core guarantees a professional finish at an affordable price.

    Frequently Asked Questions For Cherry Veneered MDF Sheet Cut to Size

    What is Veneered MDF?

    Our Veneered MDF is made from an excellent quality of MDF sheets with a real wood 0.5m Veneered Facia to both sides.

    Can you edge my Veneered MDF?

    Yes, please simply choose the edged taped finish option on the product page, when placing your order.

    Can I choose the grain direction with your Veneer MDF?

    Yes, please select your desired grain direction on our website, when placing your order.

    Can I order a sample ?

    Yes, we encourage our customers to do this for colour matching purposes. Please contact our sales team on 01164 828222 or you can purchase one on our website

    Can I varnish/stain your Veneered Boards?

    Yes, due to this being a real wood veneer, you can use a wood lacquer, stain or varnish.

    What colour Veneered panels do you supply?

    We supply, Ash, Cherry, Maple, Oak, Pine, Sapele, White Beech, Steamed Beach, Walnut.

    Is Veneer expensive?

    No, our Veneered MDF is far cheaper than solid wood.

    What is the thickness of your Veneered MDF?

    Our veneered MDF is 19mm in thickness.

    What are the common uses for Veneered Sheets?

    Suitable Uses for Veneered MDF are: -
    Kitchen Cabinets
    Wood Shelving
    Fire Surrounds
    Interior Décor
    Table Toppers

    Can I collect my order from you?

    Yes, please confirm this on your online checkout. Our customer service team will then call you once your wood panel is ready.

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