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Radiator Cover Boards

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Radiator boards and partition panels with beautiful patterns. Primed ready to Paint Length: 1830mm Width: 610mm Thickness: 3mm
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Product description

Radiator Boards

A radiator cover made of an aesthetically pleasing lacquered MDF wood sheet is a perfect choice for stylish interiors. The beautiful white finish combined with the versatility and durability of MDF sheeting will fit into any space, from modern to traditional. We offer five stunning patterns which you can buy in pairs or mix and match for complete customisation.

Perforated MDF panels are an affordable and attractive choice for adding that extra touch of elegance to your living room or bedroom. Additionally, these gorgeous white wooden board designs can be used as paravents, sliding doors, bay window units, folding screens, partitions, and more.

Dependable Radiator Cover Panel designs

Oregon Radiator BoardOregon Radiator Board


Dakota Radiator BoardDakota Radiator Board


Nevada Radiator BoardNevada Radiator Board


Arizona Radiator BoardArizona Radiator Board


Fleur De Lys Radiator BoardFleur De Lys Radiator Board

Fleur De Lys

White-faced radiator covers benefit from the sturdy and dependable core of MDF wooden sheeting. MDF, or Medium Density Fibreboard, is an engineered wood product. To create an MDF board, softwood fibres are broken down and combined with durable wax or resin to bind them together. This mixture is then treated under heat and pressure to create an exceptionally strong wooden panel.

The sturdy core is additionally covered with an elegant, white water-based lacquer. Radiator grills are also lighter than comparable timber boards, making them easier to fit and handle.

The surface of perforated MDF panels is free of imperfections like knots and patches, offering a smooth and even finish. MDF radiator grills are not only more affordable than standard wood panels, but also more uniform, resulting in an attractive final product.

Stunning Radiator Cover Sheets

Perforated MDF panels are the most popular choice for radiator covers, but their use does not end there. The five stunning lattice patterns we offer ensure that this decorative white panel is gorgeously versatile. decorative radiator boards are also suitable for several indoor uses, from sophisticated and modern office spaces to warm and cosy homes.

White perforated wood sheets can become the focal point of your living room or bedroom, both elevating and matching the décor. The beautiful white finish is easy to pair with plain or multicoloured furniture and accents. Using one of our white wooden panels as a bay window unit or sliding doors will also add uniformity to the interior. A lattice paravent can create a charming atmosphere in the bedroom and ensure privacy.

A decorative white panel will look smart in an office, as a partition or wall decoration. Similarly, white-lacquered radiator wood sheets find applications in public spaces, such as libraries, cafés, waiting rooms and more. Perforated wood sheets are dependable, long-lasting, and easy to clean.

The white lacquer used to cover the radiator board is water-based so the stunning, perforated MDF panels can be further painted, impregnated with moisture-resistant products or customised for a unique finish that fits into any interior.

Properties of Radiator Cover Sheeting

We offer panels which are 1830mm long and 610mm wide. Our radiator boards are available in five stunning patterns and 3 mm thickness.

You can fit a radiator board yourself with minimal tools and effort. Radiator panels can be effortlessly and securely glued or fixed with screws, as the material does not split easily. The panels are easy to screw and won’t bend or crack, provided a sufficient distance from the edge is chosen, and appropriate pilot holes are drilled beforehand.

Perforated radiator board are FSC® Certified and CE Marked and conform to the low formaldehyde level E1, Class A. The radiator boards which we supply are sustainably sourced, so you can enjoy an affordable, dependable wood product while knowing the environment was not harmed by its production.

Melamine radiator panels are not moisture resistant, so they should be used indoors, and the edges sealed (if a board without matching edges is chosen) to protect the sheeting from humidity. However, the laminate is very durable and offers protection against some water damage, for example from small spills and temporary moisture exposure, provided they are dealt with promptly.

You can store wooden boards for extended periods, provided they are securely packed and protected from the elements.

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