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Technical Drawing is a leading provider of cut to size quality wood sheeting in the UK. Our extensive range of beautiful and versatile timber sheets includes MDF, Melamine Faced, Veneered P,lywood, and OSB boards. You will find large and small, thin and thick wood sheeting. A made to measure wood sheet combines the beautiful appearance and versatile application of solid wood with the strength and utility of engineered sheeting. Here, you will find the perfect timber product for your home or business.

    We use modern, precise cutting equipment with excellent levels of accuracy. We pride ourselves on being able to provide our customers with almost any shape, size, and cut of a made to measure wooden sheet. Our team of dedicated specialists has over 10 years of experience working with even the most demanding projects.

    Wood Sheets & Board Types

    Wood Panels & Boards, The Perfect Fit

    We use professional tools and cutting machinery to ensure accuracy and a beautiful finish to every wood sheet leaving our site. No shape, design, cut-out, or material is too much of a challenge for our dedicated and knowledgeable production team.

    We offer made to measure wooden sheeting with rounded corners, screw holes, shapes and shelf designs that work in harmony with every wood panel. Additionally, our surface-finished, cut to size wood can have matching taped edges applied, so it is ready to fit.

    You can use our intuitive and quick instant quote service or simply contact us with your drawing, photo, template, or sketch at [email protected]. We will work with you to find a made to measure wood sheet that satisfies all your needs

    MDF WoodMDF Wood

    MDF Wood

    MDF or Medium Density Fibreboard is an engineered product. MDF Sheets are created by combining fibres of hardwoods and softwoods with durable wax or resin to bind them together. This creates an exceptionally strong wooden panel.

    Because MDF is a composite board, it has no knots, patches, or imperfections. The surface of this cut to size wood sheet is perfectly smooth, even, and visually appealing. Made to measure MDF wooden sheeting is ideal for use in furniture-making, cabinetry, carpentry, or home shelving.

    Standard MDF boards are sturdy, but pliable and fabricates well. Making cut-outs, shapes, and multi-piece constructions are wonderfully easy with our wooden sheeting. All MDF wood sheeting is made to measure, for a quick and effortless experience with buying cut to size wood panels.

    Wood VennerWood Venner

    Wood Veneer

    A veneered MDF sheet of wood is an ideal match between the sturdiness and durability of an MDF board and the beautiful finish of traditional wood. We have nine stunning options to choose from, including classic Oak, dark Walnut, or modern Pine.

    The MDF core ensures that a wood veneered sheet is strong and easy to work with. The glamorous veneer finish offers a quality, affordable alternative to solid wood panels. The veneer itself is made from real wood so the timber panel feels and looks the same.

    You can choose the direction of the grain on your cut to size wooden panel, so it matches your interior or DIY project perfectly.

    Moisture Resistat WoodMoisture Resistat Wood

    Moisture Resistat Wood

    For environments which require a durable and humid-resistant wood sheet, look no further than a Moisture Resistant MDF. This green wooden sheeting is coated with a moisture-repellent resin, making it suitable for use in damp conditions.

    A MR MDF board is not water-resistant but it performs well in humid or damp indoor conditions, for example in bathrooms, kitchens and window skirting. Moisture Resistant wood sheets cut to size are ideal if you are looking for a reliable and durable sheeting for your bathroom wood panels, or wooden kitchen counters and dining table tops.

    Retardant WoodRetardant Wood

    Flame Retardant Wood

    Flame Retardant MDF or FR MDF is an excellent sheet of wood for interior building, construction, and public spaces. The red sheet is covered with a fire-retardant protective layer. It will delay the spread of fire and flames for up to 30 minutes.

    FR MDF is specifically designed for spaces requiring additional fire protection and a compliance with European building codes and regulations. Flame Retardant wood can slow the spread of fire for up to 30 minutes. This means that escaping from a room featuring a made to measure FR wooden panels will be easier and safer, minimising smoke and fire-related injuries along with avoiding the loss of life.

    Melamine Wood Melamine Wood

    Melamine Wood

    If you want a beautiful cut to size wood sheet with a resistant surface, we offer gorgeously finished Melamine sheeting of wood. The sturdy MDF core and a sleek white laminate make Melamine wood sheets suitable for many applications. A Melamine board will fit right into a modern flat or as a replacement for historical and heritage details and furniture.

    An MFC wood sheet or melamine-faced chipboard is a striking alternative to Melamine MDF. Other names for this made to measure wood panel include particle board and low-density fibreboard. The most important quality of melamine-faced chipboard panels is that, unlike MDF sheeting, they are free of formaldehyde. MFC is also more structurally stable, as it is manufactured with wood chips and synthetic resin.

    The impeccable finish and high-quality MFC core make decorative melamine wood sheets a premier choice for interiors. Made to measure Melamine surface looks stylish as wall boards, bedside tables, and desks. MFC sheet is denser than wood but also lighter and often used as an insulation board. MFC wooden panels are well suited for pantry and cupboard shelves. In dry environments, the cost and performance of chipboards put them ahead of both wood and plywood.

    Ply wood Ply wood


    Hardwood Plywood sheeting is one of the oldest composite wood products. It was used in ancient Egypt and Greece. The process of its production is simple but results in an incredibly strong sheet of wood.

    Thin layers of wood veneer are arranged at a right angle, then glued together, resulting in a superior stiffness of a plywood panel. Plywood sheeting cut to size has a wide range of applications, from scaffoldings to flooring and wall linings.

    Plywood is resistant to bending, so large sheets of wood will not compromise on structural safety. Hardwoods are sturdier than softwood plywood and ideal for furniture, flooring, and cabinetry. These timber sheets can be used outside if they are impregnated with edge sealants and in compliance with building codes.

    Birch plywood is one of the most popular plywood materials, thanks to its appealing, aesthetic look and renewability. The birch species grows fast, so using it for timber sheeting minimises the environmental impact of a made to measure panel made of Birch plywood.

    OSB WoodOSB Wood


    An oriented strand board is very similar to a chipboard. But the specific angles of chips and the use of strong glue make an OSB panel a much more durable sheet of wood. The sturdiness and cost of this precisely engineered OSB boards make it an attractive choice for demanding environments.

    OSB wood sheeting is specifically designed for construction, building, and structural purposes. It can be easily used for flooring, roofing, wall bearing, or propping. An OSB sheet will withstand considerable levels of stress and is CE certified.

    Additionally, our OSB sheets offer a degree of moisture protection not found in other timber sheeting. A cut to size OSB board is more dimensionally stable than plywood and has less swelling, warping, and splitting.

    Marine WoodMarine Wood

    Marine Wood

    While no plywood is watertight, Marine Plywood composition includes a waterproof glue. It is suitable for humid environments, and a great alternative to Moisture Resistant MDF. Marine wood sheets have excellent anti-fungal properties. They performs well in damp conditions.

    Marine Plywood is made of tropical wood types and has a negligent core gap. It glues easily and water will not get trapped inside.

    Cut to size wood panels of Marine Plywood find applications in boat interiors, bars, or pubs. In certain outdoor uses, it shows resistance to delamination caused by water.

    Our Popular Wood Products

    The Right Wood Sheet to Call Home

    At we understand the endless versatility of wood and strive to supply a well-rounded collection. We have standard and specialised MDF boards, Melamine finishes and construction-suitable wood sheeting. The right made to measure panel of wood for you is a few, simple steps away.

    If you need to cover a radiator with an aesthetically pleasing wood sheet, a radiator grill is the perfect choice. The attractive melamine finish combined with the versatility and affordability of our wood panels means it will fit into any space, from modern to traditional. We offer five stunning patterns which you can buy in pairs or mix and match for complete customisation.

    Pin boards are a fun and reliable way to stay organised. You can use them to collect your favourite recipes, postcards from your friends or mementoes from your travels. Pin boards are also ideal for the display of children’s artwork and reminders for you and your family.

    You can use a pin board as the perfect visual study aid, resulting in pain-free study sessions and high marks. Once you are done with the gruelling part, why not replace your study cards with photos of your night out? You deserve it.

    Our shelf range consists of various, attractive shelving designs. All shelving can be cut to your precise specifications in any of the offered wood finishes and types. If you want a unique shelving design to match an unusual shelf space in a cupboard, cabinet, pantry, or wardrobe then our bespoke service is the answer.

    Wooden Panels Delivered That Makes the Cut

    With our speedy and reliable delivery services, there is no need to touch wood. Your gorgeous shelf or beautiful table will be delivered in time and look perfect. Our skilled experts and stringent Quality Control department will ensure your project is on track no matter the size.

    We pack every order with care and attention to detail, so it can withstand reaching even the most remote parts of the country. There is no minimum order and if you order before 2pm you can enjoy your new sheet of wood the very next day!

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