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OSB 38mm HDX Flooring TG2 2400 x 600

High quality, strong 38mm HDX Flooring TG2 2400x600mm. A specialised wood sheet for flooring and load-bearing purposes.
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Product description

38mm HDX Flooring Sheet Cut To Size

A 38mm HDX Flooring wood sheet is an incredibly strong chipboard meant for flooring and extensions. This engineered wood product, also known as Mezzanine chipboard is ideal for heavy-duty applications which require the highest quality wood sheeting for structural purposes. This makes 38mm HDX Flooring chipboard valued by professionals in the construction and building industries.

Additionally, 38mm HDX Flooring has a tongue and groove finish and offers a cost-effective solution for self-bearing floor construction in offices, warehouses and more. You can add or create more space with a Mezzanine wood sheet or prop existing structures with ease. 38mm HDX Flooring is suitable for indoor, dry conditions.

Extreme strength of a 38mm HDX Flooring Panel

A Mezzanine wood panel is a chipboard. Chipboards are created by mixing wood chips with synthetic resin or appropriate binder and then pressed and extruded, which results in excellent strength and stability of chipboard wood sheets. The core is formed with larger chips, whereas the surface layer has finer chips, resulting in a balanced construction.

The strongest possible glues and manufacturing process is employed when creating a Mezzanine wood sheet, to make it suitable for load-bearing and flooring purposes. It has a high density of 690kg/m3, with a tolerance of +/-7% as a base plate.

At, we supply 38 mm FSC Unilin P6 Flooring Chipboard TG 2 which has extreme load-bearing properties and can be used for a variety of construction work meant to create additional levels or floors in the existing space. The Mezzanine board is also applicable for the storage and transportation of heavy materials.

Mezzanine U7 is a P6 panel which is CE certified (class P6 EN 312) and far exceeds the technical strength and firmness requirements of the P6 standard and forms the basis for a solid and reliable floor. Mezzanine U7 panels can bridge longer distances between support beams than traditional P6 panels. This makes Mezzanine flooring an attractive, cost-effective solution.

Application of 38mm HDX Flooring Sheets

Mezzanine wood sheeting has multiple applications, chief of them being for flooring and creating additional floor space. The boards should be delivered at the building site at least one week or more before processing to allow the wood panels to adapt to the surrounding atmosphere. Critical conditions should be avoided, especially exposure to moisture, rain or sun. Mezzanine boards will react adversely to extreme temperatures and weather conditions.

Mezzanine boards can be mounted on a metal or wooden support structure. This support structure must be assembled in such a way that the upper surfaces are flush. Wooden joists must be dry and have a moisture content below 18%. If the wooden joists are too wet during the assembly of the floor, this may cause the floor to warp or crack over time.

For more information about fitting and working with Mezzanine wood panels, please get in touch with us.

Properties of 38mm HDX Flooring Sheeting

Our Mezzanine boards are available in a 38 mm thickness. The size of the panel is 2400 mm x 600 mm.

38mm HDX Flooring is CE marked and manufactured to class 1 of EN Standard 335-3. The OSB boards which we supply are sustainably sourced, so you can enjoy an affordable, dependable wood product while knowing the environment was not harmed by its production.

38mm HDX Flooring is not moisture resistant and should be used in dry conditions with appropriate precautions and impregnation techniques. Mezzanine floor boards should be stored and stacked horizontally in packaging and in a dry environment.

Measured Twice, Cut Once

We use professional tools and cutting machinery to ensure accuracy and a beautiful finish to every wood sheet leaving our site. No shape, design, cut-out, or material is too much of a challenge for our dedicated and knowledgeable production team.

We offer made to measure wooden sheeting with rounded corners, screw holes, shapes and shelf designs that work in harmony with every wood panel. Additionally, our surface-finished, cut to size wood can have matching taped edges applied, so it is ready to fit.

You can use our intuitive and quick instant quote service or simply contact us with your drawing, photo, template, or sketch at [email protected]. We will work with you to find a made to measure wood sheet that satisfies all your needs.

Speedy Delivery That Makes the Cut

With our speedy and reliable delivery services, there is no need to touch wood just to get your gorgeous shelf or beautiful table delivered in time and looking right. Our skilled experts and stringent Quality Control department will ensure your project is on track, regardless of size.

We pack every order with care and attention to detail so it can withstand reaching even the most remote parts of the country. There is no minimum order and we offer standard and express delivery options, so you can choose the best one for you! – The beauty of wood, the versatility of wood sheets.

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Size2400 x 600

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Size2400 x 600
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