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19mm Maple Veneered MDF

  • Material: Wood Face – MDF Core
  • Finish: Veneered
  • Thicknesses: 19mm
  • Maximum Size: 2420mm × 1200mm
  • Minimum Size: 50mm × 50mm
  • Fire Rating: Euroclass D
  • Moisture Content: 5–9%
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Technical Drawing
    In Stock
    From: £1.50

    19mm Maple Veneered MDF

    In Stock
    From: £1.50

    Maple Veneered MDF Sheet Cut to Size Details

    19mm Maple Veneered MDF sheets are versatile and perfect for a wide range of applications. These sheets combine the structural integrity of MDF with the elegant and sophisticated touch of a Maple wood veneer. With a thickness of 19mm, these adaptable sheets offer the strength and durability of MDF sheeting while providing the appealing look of traditional wood.

    Adaptable Maple Veneered MDF sheets

    Each sheet is meticulously crafted with a 0.5 mm layer of high-quality real Maple wood on both sides, resulting in a consistent and luxurious appearance. Choose our Maple Veneered MDF sheets for a reliable, long-lasting, and stunning wood solution.

    For added convenience, our Maple Veneered MDF sheets are available with exposed edges or with a matching edge strip, ensuring a seamless and ready-to-fit finish.

    Personalised Maple Veneered MDF sheets

    19mm Maple veneered MDF boards come in a range of options to suit your needs. Whether you require full-sized panels, custom-cut pieces, or specific shapes, we have the perfect solution for you. In addition, we offer Bespoke choices; send us your drawing or template to [email protected] and receive a customised quote.

    What makes our Maple wood sheets unique is the option to select the wood grain direction, which sets them apart from plywood. This allows for maximum customisation that matches your project perfectly. 19mm Maple veneered MDF can be easily stained or painted using appropriate paints and stains, ensuring you effortlessly achieve the desired finish.

    Delivery of Maple Veneered Boards

    We offer Maple veneered boards with a thickness of 19mm that can be cut into sheets measuring up to 2420mm by 1200mm. Our modern techniques and cutting equipment, including CNC, laser, and routing tools, ensure precision and accuracy.

    When it comes to delivery, we have excellent services and allow you to select a timeframe that suits your needs. If you order large quantities of 19mm veneered MDF sheeting, you may also qualify for discounts and special offers.

    Alternatives to Maple Veneered MDF sheeting

    If you're looking for a material that combines strength with a beautiful wood finish, the 19mm Maple Veneered MDF sheet is an excellent choice. However, if you prefer a durable laminate option, we recommend considering our Melamine MDF range.

    For those who want wood sheets that closely resemble real wood with a visible grain, plywood made from softwood ply or hardwood ply is a fantastic alternative to veneered MDF.

    In addition to these options, we offer specialized sheets. Our Moisture Resistant MDF is perfect for indoor, humid environments, while our Flame Retardant MDF helps curb the spread of fire.

    If you enjoy tinkering or DIY projects, our Premier Medite MDF cut to size is a great choice. It can be easily customized to meet your needs and is available in more thicknesses.

    Benefits of Cut to Size Maple Veneered MDF boards

    19mm Maple Veneered MDF has a brilliant surface of real wood veneer, making it almost indistinguishable from real wood. However, the tough MDF core and ease of handling make Maple MDF a superior wood sheet product. Maple MDF sheeting is suitable for big and small projects, so you’ll find a perfect use for it in no time.

    Cut to size Maple wood sheet has a classic, creamy hue suitable for modern interiors and will look beautiful in both professional and home environments. You can store MDF boards for extended periods, provided they are securely packed and protected from the elements.

    If you are interested in a wood sheet of similar colour and qualities but prefer plywood, check our range of cut to size Birch Plywood Sheets. These durable panels are a favourite for furniture making.

    Uses of Cut to Size Maple Veneered MDF sheets

    Wood sheets such as cut to size 19mm Maple Veneered MDF are a popular choice for furniture makers and interior designers. The light colour and stunning wood grain make it a suitable product for a variety of applications.

    Maple MDF sheets are affordable, lending themselves well for use by hobbyists and woodworking enthusiasts. This sheeting will look excellent as a partition or accent wall in your home office, making your space look fresh and inviting.

    19mm Maple Veneered MDF is a great solution for contemporary kitchens, ensuring that the room looks light and airy as well as tidy. Whether you choose a cut to size Maple Veneer sheet to make a cabinet or shelf to store all your pots and pans, you can be sure of its strength and utility. Our maple wood sheeting is has it all—you won’t need another product to finish the job!

    Frequently Asked Questions For Maple Veneered MDF Sheet Cut to Size

    What is Veneered MDF?

    Our Veneered MDF is made from an excellent quality of MDF sheets with a real wood 0.5m Veneered Facia to both sides.

    Can you edge my Veneered MDF?

    Yes, please simply choose the edged taped finish option on the product page, when placing your order.

    Can I choose the grain direction with your Veneer MDF?

    Yes, please select your desired grain direction on our website, when placing your order.

    Can I order a sample ?

    Yes, we encourage our customers to do this for colour matching purposes. Please contact our sales team on 01164 828222 or you can purchase one on our website

    Can I varnish/stain your Veneered Boards?

    Yes, due to this being a real wood veneer, you can use a wood lacquer, stain or varnish.

    What colour Veneered panels do you supply?

    We supply, Ash, Cherry, Maple, Oak, Pine, Sapele, White Beech, Steamed Beach, Walnut.

    Is Veneer expensive?

    No, our Veneered MDF is far cheaper than solid wood.

    What is the thickness of your Veneered MDF?

    Our veneered MDF is 19mm in thickness.

    What are the common uses for Veneered Sheets?

    Suitable Uses for Veneered MDF are: -
    Kitchen Cabinets
    Wood Shelving
    Fire Surrounds
    Interior Décor
    Table Toppers

    Can I collect my order from you?

    Yes, please confirm this on your online checkout. Our customer service team will then call you once your wood panel is ready.

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